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(serving fresh food that is 100 % halal)

A unique cuisine, inspired by the delicious cuisine of South East Asian Islands «Spice Islands»


KELURAH offers a unique culinary experience, inspired by the delicious cuisine of South East Asian Spice Islands, the Indonesian and Malaisien archipel.

With the signature plates based on ancient recipes, a unique wine philosophy, innovative cocktail creations, an artist pâtisserie and an emblematic ambiance, of names that exist in the coulisses and gardens… uniquely at Kelurah.

Their passion for authentic cuisine and love for design have united Kethpangna and Kethkesa to create Kelurah, a unique culinary experience in Brussels.

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Kelurah Gastronomy

Kelurah´s cuisine is authentic gastronomy reinvented for modern times.

Indonesian cuisine is one of the oldest, richest and most diverse in the world. Its influence has spread across islands and jungles, rivers and volcanoes, cities and kampongs, to impress the rest of the globe.

Kelurah's unique cuisine combines authentic Indonesian recipes with contemporary influences. The kitchen teams create modern dishes using traditional techniques. and the best quality ingredients.


Kelurah´s Wine Philosophy

The philosophy of Kelurah wine is harmony.

Kelurah offers various wines from around the world as part of an extensive wine program, ranging from classic wines available by the glass to great vintages.

Every week, Kelurah's wine team hosts a dedicated tasting session, trying new wines with different dishes from the menu: if a wine doesn't work with one dish - even if it's excellent with the others - it is not part of the list.

The Rijsttafel

Kelurah´s dishes are a mosaic from all of the Indonesian islands with many different culinary inspirations, often determined by the ethnicity and culture of the island itself.

With crispy satays, spicy beef rendang or curries of the Minangkabau region of Sumatra, to the ubiquitous East Indian dishes nasi goreng, soto ayam and kroepoek, Kelurah offers you a carefully chosen selection from tons culinary inspirations of the Malay-Indonesian archipelago.


The Satays

Since a very long time, Satays are among the most popular dishes of Indonesian cuisine. They have taken on a prominent place in the culture of all the islands.

In some parts of Indonesia, certain types of satay are attributed with different symbolic meanings. Bali stands out in particular: satay lilit – chopped sausages stuck on lemongrass stalks – is considered a divine symbol generating strength, unity and prosperity.

Kelurah offers a variation of satays famous among Indonesians. The main secret of the unique taste is the black sauce based on ketjap manis mixed with gula jawa (Javanese sugar (garlic, shallots, peanuts with mange our rice cakes wrapped in banana and coconut leaves.

Signature Cocktails

Crafted by our very own mixologist Kethpangna Luang Raj, the flight to Kelurah Island begins with the Bitter Fortune. Made up of gin, Aperol, rhubarb liqueur, pink grapefruit and peach bitters, it's crisp and tangy, a perfect contrast to the delicate and savory puff of venison.

The sweeter Golden Mare blends the ingredients of Bitter Fortune with Pernod, rosemary, basil and pineapple, bringing out the inherent richness of all flavours. The spicy and indulgent Chili Coupette branches out with chili peppers, cardamom, peppermint and passion fruit.

Our cocktails are made with rare ingredients and indulge you straight away into Kelurah´s delight.

Kelurah´s Terrace

Indonesians live outside for a large part of the year, especially when it´s dry. Knowing Indonesian cuisine completely is an almost impossible mission, due to the magic that hides in each of its dishes and the immense richness of its various islands in the archipelago.

At Kelurah we offer an experience that crosses the cultural richness of the archipelago in our fabulous terrace on the magical street Jules Van Praet for an immersion of tastes in the contemplation of the city and its sunsets.

Sit in this peaceful island at the back of the restaurant and enjoy all the tastes it has to offer.

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